15 Effective Home Remedies To Quit Smoking

Data suggests that smoking accounts the largest account of deaths which can be protected. So if you have made up your mind to quit smoking, this is probably the best thing you are doing for yourself. However, it’s generally observed that people experiences quit symptoms up to 21 days once they try to stop this nasty habit. If they can suppress their craving for nicotine for these 21 days they are clean from this habit. This is where home remedy solutions are highly useful by helping you to overcome these quit symptoms during your austerity period. Here is a list of 15 home remedies to quit smoking:

  1. Water : Water is vital to life and it’s cooling, soothing, refreshing and detoxifying. Considering the benefit water comes as a gifted item from the nature. You can use water therapy, i.e. sipping water in small quantities through a straw to overcome for the carvings and irritability. Research shows that this therapy releases dopamine a feel good brain chemical that eases your bad mood. Also, it helps you to burn your calories more effectively (about 200 calories for every gallon of ice water) and helps you stay fit. Water-DetoxifocationSource – Ca-nv-awwa.org
  2. Stay fit program: Exercises, workouts, swimming, yoga or even meditation is extremely important while you are quitting. It’s observed these programs keeps you fit, reduces your stress level and keeps you occupied reducing your urge for smoking. Also, choosing these programs helps you to stay motivated. Considering the benefits, you must include a “stay fit program” at least for the first 30 days of quitting during which the quit symptoms are optimum.  Stay-Fit-Pragram Source – Pinterest.com/pin/397653842073971903/
  3. Peanut: PeanutHeadache and hunger are very common withdrawal symptoms. Try snacking mild salty peanuts in regular intervals. You will be surprised to see that your carvings for smoking is reduced and at the same time you can achieve better nutrition by eating this home made snacks. Both salt and peanut have ability to avert your attention from cigarettes.  Peanuts – Image Credit # Foodsafetynews.com
  4. Ginseng:Ginseng Add a teaspoon of ginseng powder in your breakfast to help reduce the craving for smoking. Ginseng is an effective remedy to prevent the release of dopamine, one of the main components found in nicotine. American Ginseng – Image Credit # fws.gov # Eric Burkhart
  5. Cayenne Pepper: Research suggests that just how nicotine excites the brain and raises the mood of smokers, hot spicy foods that includes cayenne pepper produce endorphins that helps to raise mood in the same way. That means smokers can get the same effect that nicotine gives them by consuming food including cayenne pepper. In addition to this cayenne pepper is found to have anti irritant effect by making the respiratory system less sensitive to tobacco and other chemical irritants. Also, this provides you anti-cold and detoxing support essential for any smoker. So in pursuit of your quit smoking plan, using this would definitely add a lot of support.  Cayenne-pepperCayenne Pepper – Image Credit # Ecorazzi.com
  6. Oats: High fibre diets such as oats lessens the cravings for smoking. So you are suggested to incorporate oats in your regular diet. For getting maximum benefit take one tablespoon of ground oat and add it to 2 cups of boiling water and leave it overnight. The next day, drink one portion of this blend every few hours after each meal but before dinner. This is considered as one of the most effective home remedy solutions for quitting smoking.  OatmealsOat – Image Credit #Indiatimes.com
  7. Orange: Cultivate the habit of consuming an orange every time cigarette bug hits you. Generally, your carvingslasts for 3-5 minutes during which your stimuli is extremely high. So if you can grab an orange, you can avoid the situation. Also make a habit of drinking a lot of orange juices as it helps to reduce your overall need of smoking. Historically the smell of orange has been found to have a repulsive impact on the desire for a cigarette.  OrangesOranges – Image Credit # Financialtribune.com
  8. Tomato: The scent of tomato helps to reduce the appeal of cigarettes. Using tomato juice also gives you same effect smoking gives but without any harmful elements. This might be because of the fact that both nicotine and tomato belong to the same family of plants. Quite interesting connection, but several people have reported positive experience just by using tomato juices.  TomatoTomato – Image Credit # Foodnetwork.com
  9. Multi-vitamins:Multivitamins Multi vitamin tablets help to energize you and fight against the smoking withdrawal symptoms. Tobacco usage generally sets in due deficiencies in the human body. In a bid to satisfy these deficiencies, people turn to smoking. The good thing is these deficiencies can be conquered through the use of multi vitamin tablets.  Multivitamins – Image Credit # Mississaugalife.ca
  10. Ginger: Ginger helps to overcome nausea, one of the most common symptoms of smoking withdrawal. This symptom is observed from the first day to a few weeks depending on your metabolism. You can observe that use of ginger brings you amazing benefits. The best way to use ginger is chew this for an hour or so. It has a refreshing impact on your mood as well.  GingerThermosTeaGinger – Image Credit # Tasteforlife.com
  11. Lobelia: Lobelia also known as Indian tobacco is a very common in several quit smoking remedies and medications. The active ingredient in lobelia is an alkaloid called lobeline, which affects the brain in ways similar to nicotine. Considering its benefit it can act as a quit smoking agent for you. You can use it directly, but make sure you are getting the right product because the herbs market is filled with various counterfeit products. Other wisely you can always buy herbal solutions designed for quit smoking.  LobeliaLobelia – Image Credit # Health.learninginfo.org/images/lobelia.jpg
  12. Peppermint: Peppermint is inexpensive and can help individuals quit smoking by settling upset stomachs caused by nicotine cravings. Peppermint tea is great for treating digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and nausea, sore throats, colds and toothaches. In fact, many individuals choose to chew on peppermint flavoured gum when they are trying to quit smoking. The strong scent and taste of peppermint helps to deter individuals from wanting a cigarette. Peppermint-TeaPeppermint – Image Credit # Theteatrove.com 
  13. Grape Seed: Smoking causes damage to your lungs and respiratory cells. It’s widely observed that usage of grape seed extracts help you regenerate these cells naturally over a stretch of time. Therefore, you must use the grape seed extracts as natural agents in your quit smoking plan.
  14. Seed of grape background
    Seed of grape background
    Grape Seeds – Image Credit # Looneyfoodie.com
  15. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is available in several varieties, however we will discuss on the stick form. This can be used as a tool to quit smoking so when you feel the carving of a cigarette, chew a small stick for a while. You can also mix the cinnamon powder with honey before sleeping. This will help you to reduce the weight and also get rid of chronic cold and cough which is a common tendency with any smoker. cinnamon-sticks


    Cinnamon – Image Credit # Pscounselling.com.au

In the closing part, we would say that all the above home remedies will provide you help to overcome withdrawal symptoms. However, you will have to show a strong dedication to leave this habit. Best of luck!

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